Residential Services

The most important factor in good design is to make sure the designer captures the personality “of the client” above all else. I give much emphasis on capturing the likes and dislikes of my client before providing recommendations. I listen for outside interests and personal pursuits as much I listen for color preferences because that’s what it takes to make sure I provide fabrics that handle the kind of wear “they need” while conveying the style and look they want.

As for color…it’s my specialty and my love.  I never want to settle for color combinations that are OK or expected, I want color that makes a statement because I’ve used depth of color where it’s needed for drama or impact and tints of color where I need them for contrast or to simply provide ease in living.

There’s always a reason for what I do in design and I can tell you that reason in every case.  I can assure you it will never be because that one design element is popular or trendy,  but rather because it was necessary to make the statement we need to make to convey the client’s personality through these designer eyes.