Diane Haston Gray

Diane Haston Gray

Drawn to combining elements of color, texture and pattern as early as childhood, Diane chose to begin education in design while in Georgia and established Haston Interiors in 1981 after moving to back Tennessee. She began the company offering primarily contract design and some residential but later switched to primarily residential when she saw more attention was needed for her young family. 

A licensed interior designer, constantly growing with needs of the design market, Diane has always maintained a passion for providing “distinctive design for discriminating tastes.” What she continues to embrace most about her work is how clients will begin as work relationships and end as lifelong friends.

“I LOVE taking an environment someone simply lives in and turning it into a place they can’t wait to come home to and become a place they love to share. It’s so important to me to make sure my design for my clients reflect THEIR personality through my eyes, instead of a stamp that says Haston Interiors. I want my work to always look different because I’ve taken the time and effort to make sure it’s the best representation of my client that I can provide.”

“God has blessed me with a passion for people and an ability to help them and I can’t wait to see how He plans to use it next!”